Monday, 11 May 2015

Between Colombia and Panama

My friend is still begging me to return to Panama... 

Hi , well I am... not very good writing but I need some advice.

I am 28 years old, at 17, I met a guy and I fell in love with completely, well that's what I have believed, we have more than 10 years together... Today we live together and have a 16-month-old infant... During these 10 years have been different situations such as infidelity among others. I have forgiven him whenever arising because they have been repeatedly, there was even a moment in which I'm tired of so many mistakes that my husband had made and decided to go out with a man, the truth not by me had been in love, just a couple of times we went to dance and ended up in a hotel. My husband found out and I confirm it, and also forgive myself.

Well after having the child, I felt more independent of my husband, I felt that it not suffered by their rudeness, if he went out with his friends and arrived early in the morning and I didn't, even asked him where he was. Thus the arguments you have to every day, as I the toward stronger every day they already didn't I continue to sustain the relationship.

When my is was about the year, I started talking with a friend on facebook, the is in panama and lives only because it spread that his wife was unfaithful to him. We speak for only 2 months and I felt that I fell in love, it makes me feel loved, treats me very well, I speak gently and with so much love. Suggested me going to live with and accept.

I told my husband that it enduring not more and I went.

Come to panama and everything was perfect, everything went just as cute as it was the communication I had on facebook with this friend. He clarified that he is not a man with money, works and pays its things like any other. Every day that I spent with her it was beautiful, I consented, and I also did with him, because I woke up in my much tenderness. I love it.

But a month after being together I had q leave panama by problems with migration, because they told me that if I was illegal could take me to jail and take my child. That I panicked and with all the love that was feeling for this man, first was my child and to return me to my country. My friend can not go back that is starting up a business to be able to work independent and because he already spent the little money he had, so finish it to come with me it would be insane and I would not accept to do so.

Fifteen days after being again in Colombia, my ex husband suggested me that we went back and the truth with all this disappointment that I was presenting, didn't go asking for trouble and I told him that Yes, we are now living together, my baby is super happy to be with their dad, I on the other hand am not all comfortable and much less happy I thought that suddenly between the two things could change and improve, but she was completely wrong, in this little time we have together we have already discussed several times. And now the situation is worse for we live with parents of it.

My friend is still begging me to return me to panama and the helps me get papers and thus not be illegal. I feel that I love him and miss him too, but I'm afraid continue turning with my child, because I see him so happy at the side of his father and the truth not be to do